The Porsche 911 For Your Ears!

500125Forbes recently reviewed the Grado PS500s calling them the “Porsche 911 for your ears” and that they have “a vivid, detailed, up-close-and-personal perspective that’s great with all kinds of music”. On the subject of 125’s (the next headphone up from the SR80’s, reviewer Allen St. John also said, “I have a pair of Grado SR-125s that I bought more than 20 years ago. They still work flawlessly and sound superb, and they’ve outlasted a half dozen computers that have since become landfill.”
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That’s an awesome run for the 125’s and a very good reason why you should forgo the Marshalls and the Beats and head straight for the SR125i
The SR125 is SRP 7,450 and can be found at all good headphone stores in Manila!
PS500 is SRP 29,550 and can be found at these stores:
PS500 distributor page:
SR125 distributor page


sr80iFor a few extra peso’s (SRP 4950) the SR80i is a nice leap from the 60. The bass tones are warmer suitable for longer stints listening to your favorite tunes. I recently found this review on CNET (I know that its from last year) which goes in to the pros and cons without getting into too much audiophile speak. Check it out but most importantly make sure you try all the Grado models when shopping for a good headphone.

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Local Distributor SR80i page:

What are they saying about Grado SR60i at Head Fi?

gradosr60Lets check it out “To start off, this was my first set of audiophile headphones and let me tell you I was blown away. I’ve had them for about two years now and I haven’t had many complaints. As I’ve already stated, these are the headphones that got me into listening to music the right way. To give you a background check I’ll give you a  list of headphones that I’ve auditioned; Koss Dj pro 100, Beats by Dre studio and solo, Bose QC15, Sennheiser hd598, and multiple Skullcandy’s ( sadly). So on with the review.

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SR60i’s are available in Philippines for PHP 3925

Check distributor page for where to buy:

Distributor product page:

iGrado Inspiration!

We just came across this user feedback online in reference to the iGrado headphones. These IGrado’s are based on the SR60i transducer and can be purchased for PHP 2450 thereabouts at Egghead or the Listening Room.

“And let me hip you to the remarkable iGrado headphones, which for a lousy fifty bucks, have brought me an enormous amount of pleasure, whether listening to music on the Galaxy Note II or tethered to a Mac Book Pro. And recently, I was pleased to discover that I could engage in hands-free phone conversations with the Galaxy Note II in my shirt pocket, and the iGrados connected to the 1/8″ jack just as I did for music; the sound quality is excellent for speaker and listener alike, and not Blue Ball devices are necessary. Much more relaxed for extended conversations then holding the damn thing up to your ear until your arm goes numb. And no one is aware of any speaker phone anomalies.”

igradoCheck out the full blurb at

Local Distributor at:

iGrado @ Grado: GRADO

Customization! Although it voids the warranty on your Grado’s it still can be a lot of fun. I found some pictures on the web of examples of customized Grado headphones. Please send in your and let us know what your customization experiences have been.